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Sweetheart Market 02
Virtual Sale
Febrary 12th-14th, 2021

Emma Beatrez
Stranger & Co.
Rachel Collier. x Wacks Co.
Benjamin Merritt
Bree Meyer
Sarah Nicole
August Schultz
Forrest Wasko
Wretched Flowers 

Waiting Room x backroom present the second annual Sweetheart Market. This year we are doing things a little differently and going completely virtual. Head over to our sister-site, backroom, to see the full catalog of artwork available at this years sale! We have handpicked goodies and artwork from our favorite shops and artists. Join us in celebrating yourself, your loved ones, and art! 

About the Artists

Emma Beatrez 

Emma Beatrez is a transdisciplinary artist from Minnesota. They graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2020 with a MFA in Interdisciplinary studio art. Beatrez received their BFA with an emphasis in oil painting at North Dakota State University in 2018. Their recent work deals with ritual, body, proxemics, desire, and simulation through material, light, sound, and scent explorations.

Stranger & Co.

Stranger & Co. is a small, woman-owned shop focused on making high quality design accessible and fairly priced. We primarily represent artists and designers who are women, people of color, lgbtq, and immigrants. Our ethos is one of inclusion, accessibility, and visibility.

Rachel Collier & Wacks Co.

Rachel Collier handcrafted a new line of candleabras. These multifunctional and refillable candleholders will accentuate any interior with a dash of whimsy and sparkle. She’s even got all your wax needs covered by locally sourcing a handful of alluring scented votives, sticks and tealights from Wacks Co.

Benjamin Merritt

Benjamin Merritt is a printmaker based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. His work affirms & celebrates the experience of chronic illness & disability through text and printmaking. In the printing studio, he creates copperplate etchings, scraping away & altering the copper to show a long history of marks on the final print. His markmaking is visceral on the paper, a translation of lived experience into inscription.

Bree Meyer

Bree Meyer is a self-taught artist based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. When she isn’t jammin’ with her band, Double Grave, she’s creating captivating weavings on her floor loom. 

Sarah Nicole

Twin Cities-based artist Sarah Nicole specializes in quiet contemporary watercolor painting and bodily sculpture. The intimacy of her work invites closeness with the viewer that reveals an inventive complexity. Her emphasis on an overall beautiful but poignant aesthetic seduces a sense of empathy or thoughtfulness for a suggested human presence.

August Schultz

August Schultz is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Minneapolis. They work mainly in screenprinting and hand-cut text. They will also photograph your wedding if you ask nicely.

Forrest Wasko

Forrest Wasko is an artist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His work investigates multiple vernaculars present in photography; specifically within observational photography, snapshots, and found images. Wasko also works with a vast variety of formats and photographic processes to create photo-objects, series, and books.

Wretched Flowers

Wretched Flowers is a collaboration between two artists using ceramic, textiles, foraged floral design, and digital media to raise questions about ethnobotany and interspecies collaboration. All of our plant material is either foraged or harvested on our property in New Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.

Sarah Nicole
Hold You
January 25th, 2021-Feb 11th, 2021

Waiting Room presents a digital exhibition of Sarah Nicole’s paintings, a selection of recent work believed to hold a mirror to sacred moments in the artist’s current day-to-day. In tandem with the global pandemic and the country living in and out of lockdowns, it's an arguably perfect time to look back on some of the artwork made over the last year, capturing a snapshot of a creator in solitude.

Sarah’s process-based works are examples of practice as meditation and healing. The white walls of her studio present themselves as a neutral ground, reassuring her of its intended provision for contemplation. Inside of this space, she explores what qualities of balance and openness can look like when handling her materials. Like any balancing act, she also takes to its contrast, keeping mind the uniqueness that comes in producing a single brush stroke or mark. One move has the capacity to encapsulate feelings of sadness, restraint, and fear. Large stretched canvases and broad brushstrokes form a vernacular that uses her whole body to create. She becomes a part of the painting and as she moves, the canvas is absorbing her deep meditative state, reflecting a nurturing balance of emotions. Sarah is able to calm her anxieties with painting, giving herself time to decompress what we have experienced collectively and individually throughout the pandemic. In an epoch of chaos, the space we use to engage in creation is sacred, and this artist is constantly working to keep it so by expressing her innermost self against its walls. 

Sarah Nicole is a visual artist and curator based in Minneapolis. After receiving a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design in 2018, she began producing exhibition opportunities and community events - taking inspiration from her contemporary research. Sarah currently works with the Minneapolis based organization, Public Functionary, and maintains a studio practice within their program.

She has exhibited her work at Miami Art Week with Good To Know, at Sure Space Gallery, at Lanesboro Gallery, at 700 Central, and is in the permanent collection of the Wasserman Projects.

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Nancy Julia Hicks
Questions from my body to yours
Virtual Opening
January 3rd, 2021

Questions from my body to yours is a selection of material investigations led by artist Nancy Julia Hicks (they/them). Pieces amalgamate from a collection of images that span Google Maps, bodies of water, oil derricks, recorded performances, and writing. The installation illustrates a poetic attraction to the similarities found between the infliction of pain on a space and on the body. By using language and gathered imagery, they question the ways in which we encounter this harm; these experiences can be at an institution, such as the museum, or in rural spaces, like an oil derrick in the middle of an ocean.

Hicks has incorporated a fascinating oeuvre of new materials within the last two years. For example, they have begun to printmake with asphaltum, printing on latex, improperly reassembling decommissioned guns, sewing with human hair, fur, and dirt gathered from specific locations. They use many of these materials to reference histories of physical or ecological violence that occurs towards and upon the human body.

These intimate spaces reference Hicks’ personal history, intentionally creating connections between the body, constructed space, and implied land in order to analyze its politicized history. Navigating intentionality with materials allows them to imbue historical context into the works. Objects within this show are made out of soft, tactile, and inviting materials that entice viewers to interact with them, replicating systems of complacency. 

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About the Artist
Nancy Julia Hicks is a non-binary installation and performance artist, printmaker, educator, and poet.

They’ve exhibited work at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in the Concourse Gallery, at The Soap Factory, the Highpoint Center for Printmaking, the Soo Visual Arts Center, and Walker Art Center.

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Rachel Collier
Something that I’m supposed to be
Virtual Opening
December 4th, 2020-January 2nd, 2021

Waiting Room presents Something that I’m supposed to be, a group of new paintings by Rachel Collier. In this recent body of work Rachel reflects upon her innermost desire to be released from the confines of traditional painting . Tufted dimensional silhouettes appear animated alongside spray paint and faux fur. These climactic color combinations sit suspended in real time, provoking the imagination to consider a connection between how a piece begins, where it ends, and what it is supposed to be. -

Rachel Collier is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Minneapolis. She grew up watching her grandmother and mother paint, print, sculpt, and sew, so naturally she followed suit and eventually recieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Collier’s work can be found in private collections throughout the US and Europe and shows most often with Hair and Nails Gallery in Minneapolis.  She has experience teaching continuing education classes at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, as well as in the production of dog themed reality TV. Collier currently operates as a freelance content creator and art maker. In 2020, she added rug tufting to the mix and is open for studio visits and commissions.

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Boredom Fantasy Mimesis
New work from Sam Dirck 
Curated by Kristina Johnson
April 20th, 2020-July 20th, 2020
This show is also in partnership and representation with Approximately Blue.

Waiting Room is pleased to present Sam Dirck’s first solo show Boredom Fantasy Mimesis at our new location in Lowertown Saint Paul. Tempering chance and intention to generate varying expressions of surface texture Sam Dirck positions himself within a set of conditions and moments in an abstract narrative nagivated by his painterly skillset. His work investigates a balance between the reciprocated image and abstraction. Paintings and sculptures serve as improvisational landscapes or implied gestures, delivering the effect that each piece could be a memory you never truly lived. Occasionally a recognizable symbol emerges, making it clear that signs exist within this abstract realm but do not dominate it.

A certain technical prowess is exhibited by Dirck, each piece oozing with a distinctive vocabulary of symbolic expression. While in its production, he bounced between digital and physical means as a nod to his dedicated exploration of the grid. Digitally mapped gestures and handmade marks take on sweeping, continuous linearities in some compositions creating a unique layer-by-layer camoflauge to his methodology; while other works are consumed by his familiar style of hard-edged, dimensional painting.

This show is a collection that pushes to occupy the space between the pictoriality of painting and the spatiality of sculpture; merging the two with elements of abstract design. Dirck’s paintings exude playful interjections, embedded through inherent rhythms of mark, gesture, color and symbol. Each piece is rooted in the familiar but infiltrated by a carnal use of “play,” an utterly interpreted—nonprescriptive—element to the work. 

June 2020: Critic’s Pick via Artforum

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