Waiting Room functions as
practice and platform;
we exist by virtue of presence.  


Kristina Johnson, Director
Jehra Patrick, Founder

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Spring 2023

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In your absence
Jeffrey Haddorff and Sophia Munic
10.15.22 to 11.12.22
Opening reception 12-5pm on 10.15.22 as part of Twin Cities Art Week!

In your absence brings together Jeffrey Haddorff and Sophia Munic, two Minnesotan artists in sculptural disciplines. Displaying absence is not easy. There are pitfalls along the way. And on the other hand, calling attention to absence can overwhelm what is being directly presented to you. Can we make the artifact’s  presence the focus, rather than the ideas or story we want to tell with it? The melancholic potential this title seems to imply quickly gives way to the drama of Haddorff’s and Munic’s colorful objects. Frank Stella’s famous remark, “What you see is what you see,” a quip that signaled the demise of illusion and metaphor. Artwork in this show shares a bit of this intuitive drive, doesn’t deny the beauty of absence; rather, it draws on the pluralistic presence of time, taking stock of both where sculpture has been and where it is going.

Jeffrey Haddorff (he/him) is an artist, living and working in Northeast Minneapolis. He earned an MFA from the University of Minnesota, a B.A. in Psychology from Saint Olaf College, and studied the History of European Film at Kobenhavns Universitet.

Sophia Munic (they/them) recontextualizes traditional sewing and quilting techniques into sculptures that confront comfort, memory, and gender using a queer lens. They have recently completed a residency at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska; and frequently hosts workshops at the Textile Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.