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Kristina Johnson, Director
Jehra Patrick, Founder

Cade Duff
Talulah R.M.
June 11th-July 1st, 2023

“KILLING FOR SPORT” & “Quicksilver” open on June 10th at Waiting Room in Minneapolis, MN – Talulah R.M. and Cade Duff present their debut solo exhibitions. Both artists work across disciplines to include various styles and mediums to create captivating narratives. Artworks in each show share a common theme of compounding tangential histories, ranging from the origins of mythology to ancestral lore. "KILLING FOR SPORT" and "Quicksilver" emphasize humanity's tendency towards misinterpretation, chance, deception, and repeating itself. Each artist invites contemplation in regard to the Waiting Room space with all of its intricate layers of history and the ways in which our understanding of the past is distorted.

Talulah R.M. (she/her, b.1999) is a Minnesotan artist exploring and intertwining historically shared constructions of reality. With a multidisciplinary approach, they prefer to work in site specific installation to engage layers of geographic, political, and historical contexts. Talulah is a recent graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design (‘23) with a BFA in Sculpture. She has organized DIY exhibitions and has shown work across the Midwest. This is Talulah’s debut solo exhibition. 

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Cade Duff (he/him) is driven by process and rigor in the studio. Duff’s work interrogates the validity of memory and the circumstances, or chances, which led him to be an artist. Addressing the timeless subject of intimacy through a multitude of materials and processed-based works, he references his ancestry, memory, nature, and the human body. He is a recent graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design (’23) and will be attending Cranbrook Academy of Art’s Master of Fine Arts program in Fall 2023.

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Project support provided by the Visual Arts Fund, administered by Midway Contemporary Art with generous funding from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, New York.