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Kristina Johnson, Director
Jehra Patrick, Founder

No Vacancy
October 16 – December 13, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, October 16, from 7–10 pm

Featuring Melissa Cooke, Shana Kaplow, Cherith Lundin, Laura Migliorino, Joe Smith, Sara Suppan, and Carrie Thompson.

A glowing red neon hotel sign signifies that all empty rooms are full.

No Vacancy, on view at Waiting Room October 16 through December 13th, replies to this presupposition with the work of seven artists, who, in their discrete practices, model emotional airlocks for working through contemplation of self and surroundings.

The exhibition fixates on the residual perceptual affect and psychological tensions that linger in domestic, liminal, and transient places, spaces, and non-spaces. The artists featured in this exhibition point to architecture, furnishings, and self-imagery as a means of representing and simulating the vestiges of internal sensibilities, memory, and feeling.

Many artists here take empty and temporary spaces as their subjects: pregnant thresholds momentarily cool with the sense of delay or a pause in activity. A sense of discomfort, maybe even transformation, settles in these interstitial chambers. Other artists point to objects as vehicles for self or avail their own image as a metric for tenor. In such containers, the lone self is fully on view: inadequate, restless, waiting. No Vacancy brings together artists from various career stages and mediums around the notion of letting in, or out, the metaphorical white noise from that shared sense of solitude.

Carrie Thompson presents her artist book, Notes from My Therapist, editioned as casual reading material for passing time within her near-full-scale installed recreation of the waiting room for her therapist’s office. The book makes public the private act of participating in therapy. The full installation magnifies the moment of empathy, inviting audiences to take part in the anxiety of the anteroom while offering an intimate look into the vulnerabilities of the artist’s life and family.

Shana Kaplow’s ink clouds leave the abstract and ineffable hanging still in the air, couching her depictions of home furnishings in emotionally rich, if stark reveries. Sara Suppan’s brooding paintings process the notion of home as not just a dwelling, but rather an accumulation of routines and memories. Cherith Lundin documents the passage of time through painted observations of light on household spaces as both a literal and figurative projection. Joe Smith’s photographic portraits of air purifiers suffuse the pathos of self-cleansing, operating diligently in the pursuit of self-improvement. Laura Migliorino’s photographs depict the anxiety of sudden departure through recently tousled interiors. In highly technical graphite drawings, Melissa Cooke invites the viewer into a seductive, personal landscape.

Curated by Jehra Patrick, the exhibition marks the one-year anniversary of Waiting Room’s exhibition program. In the past 12 months, Waiting Room has hosted five exhibitions, multiple public programs, and shown work from 24 local and national artists. Following this exhibition, Waiting Room will welcome a 2016 exhibition program curated by invitation.