Uselding Fridays
Spring 2021 Collection
April 2, 2021

Candice Davis
Virtual Publication

Waiting Room functions as
practice and platform;
we exist by virtue of presence.  

Jehra Patrick, Founder
Kristina Johnson, Director 

gmail. waitingroomart@
twitter. @waitingroomart
facebook. /waitingroomartmn
instagram. /waitingroomart

Currently, we are not 
taking appointments.


Disclaimer: If you are having doubts, stay home! We have a virtual option below ︎!

Virtual Private Tour:

Schedule a Zoom or FaceTime meeting with the Director and Curator! Email WaitingRoomArtInfo@gmail.com with the subject line “Schedule a Virtual Private Tour.” We do not limit the amount of people that can attend a virtual viewing.


1. Schedule a time to have a private Zoom or FaceTime call between you and Waiting Room’s Director and Curator, Kristina Johnson. Using the camera on her iPhone she will walk you through the show at your own pace and answer any questions you may have.

2. Download a map of the gallery to identify the pieces you will be viewing! Price sheet upon request.

3. Enjoy!

Private Tour*:

Waiting Room is committed to the experience of artwork but with maximum safety and precaution. Please read the entirety of our “Private Tour” option before you schedule a visit.*

This option is limited to a maximum of two (2) people at a time. Waiting Room believes the spread of COVID-19 is strongly limited by self-quarantine and shelter-in-place orders. We do not make any exceptions. If you are unsure and untested for COVID-19, consider if it is essential to leave home or email us directly. 

If you choose to request a private tour, you must bring: 1) Mask, that is kept on the whole time and 2) Gloves, that are kept on the whole time. We do not provide materials. You will not be let inside without proof of either. This mandatory precaution exists to ensure safety and to minimalize potential spread of germs.

If you have any further questions or questions regarding our standards of sanitation please email us directly at waitingroomartinfo@gmail.com. We will happily provide our mandatory building and Waiting Room routines!


Email: WaitingRoomArtInfo@gmail.com to schedule a private tour with the subject line “Private Tour.” You will be alone in the gallery space with the maximum of one (1) guest. The Gallery Director will be in an adjacent room separated by closed, glass doors.

Before Your Visit & Arrival:

1. Make sure you have downloaded the gallery map and packed a sanitary mask and gloves.

2. Upon arrival, the main entrance to the Northwestern Building is locked 24/7 to ensure building tenants safety. You must promptly arrive at your chosen slot to be let inside. We will provide an emergency number in case of serious delay. Anything after fifteen (15) minutes will be cancelled. You will be asked to provide proof of mask and gloves before entering the building.

3. After entering our lobby you will take the elevator up to the 7th floor alone or with a maximum of one (1) guest. The Gallery Director will take the next elevator upstairs and enter Waiting Room from a separate entrance.

Entering the Space:

1. The entrance to the gallery is directly off of the elevator in Suite 707. The suite doors will be open.

2. Follow along with download of a gallery map and enjoy!

3. The Gallery Director is happy to take any questions you have regarding the show from behind the glass doors.

*Tours will be scheduled beginning after Stay at Home orders are dismissed on 5/18/2020. You will be notified via e-mail for a reschedule or virtual tour pending Gov. Walz extension of the order. We have the right to refuse any visitors.