Waiting Room functions as
practice and platform;
we exist by virtue of presence.  


Kristina Johnson, Director
Jehra Patrick, Founder

Constructing Sites
Jaysen Hohlen  
In your absence
Jeffrey Haddorff and Sophia Munic
10/15/22 to 11/12/22
Joint opening reception: 
October 15th, 2022

from 12-5pm.

We are a part of Twin Cities Art Week!

1900 Columbus Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404Follow driveway to backyard for gallery entrance. 

Sat. 12-5pm
Sun. 12-5pm
Weekday appointments encouraged.

gmail. waitingroomart@
instagram. /waitingroomart

A Spring Break Beach Collection
Uselding Fridays
Virtual Event 

Launching Friday, April 2, 2021


Waiting Room x backroom are pleased to present to you, Joshua McGarvey’s latest collection in experimental fashion, Uselding Fridays Paradisce. 

This collection is a collage of processed product. Paradisce is like hot nacho cheese in Cancun on Spring Break. It’s not a celebration of the memory but a reflection on the acceleration we have experienced since a guy got his tongue pierced on TV standing next to Carson Daly at the Spring Break Beach House—I don’t remember if Carson was dating Tara Reid at this point in time, so the exact year escapes me. But seriously, I recently watched a live stream of the Minnesota Orchestra performing a percussion ensemble called “Perfectly Voiceless'' composed by Devonté Hynes and everyone should listen to the song.

A professor once told me, “Paradise isn’t real and trying to get there is like staring into the sun, it will blind you.” I don’t know what that means, but I do think paradise is an oversaturated concept. So my collection is called Paradisce, which is just paradise misspelled.